Below Gradient Suns

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A work in progress adventure for Offworlders, written in Markdown.

Title generated from Chris Bissette’s Title Generator tool for the 2021 Random Adventure Jam.

The final version is available for download here.

The Scenario

Welcome to Magripoor. A sad backwater planet abandoned by the rest of the Galaxy. A blood orange tundra stretches unendingly below Gradient Suns, twin red dwarf stars a yellow and red dwarf star.

A gang of bandits has stolen several batteries from a local farmer, Sumail. Without the batteries/power converters Sumail will not be able to supply power to Clio Spaceport which will disrupt several of the businesses that rely on his Solar Farm.

Clio Spaceport

  1. Rusty’s Bar - A diner set up in the ruins of an old starhopper.
  2. Landing pads
  3. Vending machines
    1. Fuel Rod 10c
    2. Soda 10c

Bulletin Board

  1. Courier Job - (Ship recommended)
  2. Manual labor - help Sumail with repairs on his Solar Farm (Geek recommended)

Bandits picking on a solar farm. Stealing their energy. Massive batteries that they force the farmer to recharge.

Underneath the 2 suns there are different kinds of energy that it generates. 1 is more potent and thusly more powerful than the other.


Wise sol farmer who just wants to be left alone and protect his family. Has mysterious past. Dark skin, bushy grey mustache. Wears coveralls and a snoopy cap.

Sassy robot attendant.

HP: 3 AC: 2 DMG: 1D6
Anuran guide and local to Clio Spaceport. Wears a deepspace hydrosuit and duster.

The Bandits

Bounty: 1d3x10c
HP: 3 AC: 1 DMG: 1D6

Bandit Leader: Rhys Barlow
Bounty: 320c
HP: 6 AC: 1 DMG: 1D6+2

Vehicles for Hire

Overland rig - 2c/day
Tundra skimmer - 1c/day
Cargo tug - 1c/day

The Adventure

A gang of bandits has stolen several batteries from a local farmer, Sumail. Without the batteries Sumail will not be able to supply power to Clio Spaceport which will disrupt several of the businesses that rely on his Solar Farm.

Sumail is able to pay 63 credits for anyone that is able to find and return the batteries

The bandits have escaped to an abandoned mine and cavern system on the outskirts of town. If needed, one of the local guns for hire, Batrach, has offered to go with and assist you.

The Bandit’s Mine

CW: Claustrophobia

The planet has a cavern system with several air pockets and pools of water.

Somewhere in the cavern is a area of bioluminescent jelly grass that looks like a cross between grass, jellyfish, and kelp. (Taken from a mistranslation of Sine cauda (tailless) cincau daun in Indonesian).

Areas in the Mine

  1. Mine Entrance
  2. Abandoned Vein - Filled with deteriorating tracks and mine cards
  3. – - Inhabited by a sleeping Violetpike, a scaled primate with four-arms, native to [##the planet]. It guards a nest of 1d4 eggs, worth 5c each.
    HP: 8 AC: 2 DMG: Higher of 2D6+1
  4. Barracks - ##
  5. Missile Silo - The bandits have a makeshift rocket they’re constructing to attempt to make it off world before the end of the year. They all have bounties and warrants for their arrest
  6. Silo Control Room - ##
  7. Laboratory - ##

Vending Machine


  1. Energy Drink [d3 Stock] - Roll w/advantage 1x
  2. NutriDrink [d6 Stock] - +1 HP
  3. Light Weapon [1] - 2c
  4. Light Armor [1] - 4c
  5. Welding Torch [1] - 1c
  6. LED Flashlight [d3 Stock] - 0c

Random Encounter Table

  1. 1d3 Bandit Guards
  2. Violetpike
  3. Lost Clio Anuran
  4. Rockscraper
  5. Crab-Crawler(TM) Vending Machine (vending machine with robotic legs that wanders throughout the caverns)
  6. Malfunctioning Robot


Violetpike HP: 12 AC: 3 DMG: Higher of 2D6+1
Special: ##

A massive scaled primate native to [##the planet]. It has four-arms, each with three clawed digits. Named for the distinctive purple spikes that line its head and back.

(Alt: Orangecrest, Violetcrest, Violack (people start saying “It’s a Violetpike! but then get smacked with a claw and scream”Ack!" turning it into a Violack!)


HP: 3 AC: 1 DMG: 1d6
Special: ##

Malfunctioning Robot HP: 3 AC: 3 DMG: 1d6

Optional Player Species

The default setting in Offworlders assume all player characters are Human. Below Gradient Suns adds a new playable species.


Anurans (from the taxonomic order Anura)

A tailless, amphibian species (frog-like but not explicitly) hailing from the Anura Expanse. Their technology is as advanced as anything else that can be found in the galaxy and their peoples just as diverse.

Their physiology allows them to process both oxygen-rich atmospheres and underwater environments. In dry, desert-like environments they may wear specialized hydro-suits to aid in respiration (as they do not have lungs).

Anuran Abilities

Starting Abilities Gain all of the following abilities on top of your standard class abilities. Amphibious Must wear a Hydrosuit in dry environments to aid in respiration. In dry environments without a suit, roll Strength with 3d6 and drop the highest.

Additional Abilities The following abilities are optional and can be taken in place of standard class abilities. Leap Once per session, you can make a mighty leap. Poisonous Your skin secretes a powerful toxin. TongueUse your powerful tongue as another, prehensile-like limb.