Firestorm Gauntlet

September 4, 2021 ⌦ AdventureGame DesignScience Fiction

A work in progress adventure for the Sci-Fi Micro RPG Voidripper, written in Markdown.

Title generated from Chris Bissette’s Title Generator tool for the 2021 Random Adventure Jam.

Firestorm Gauntlet

Geddon Prime, a Blue Hypergiant, is about to go supernova nearing a coronal mass ejection; a massive solar storm. The radiation and intense heat threatens to wipe out the settlement on the nearby Geddon XII.

Race against rising spouts of superheat fires as you evacuate the settlement while fighting off pirates attempting take advantage of the chaos; looting the settlement and boarding fleeing ships.

Space Pirates

Captain Enizen Raider Stowaway
I: 2 S: 3 D: 2 SP(Marshal or Pilot): 3 I: 1 S: 4 D: 2 SP(Any): 1 I: 2 S: 2 D: 3 SP: 0
HP: 12 O2: 5 HP: 3 O2: 5 HP:1 O2: 3
Pistol (1!), Plasma Cutlass: (3!), Canteen, Kevlar Vest Pistol x2 (1!) or Rifle (2!), Mag Boots, Radio Communicator


Starting ships for either the Crew to Pilot or for the Pirates to use. Alternatively, generate your own ship using the rules from Voidripper.

Hammerhead Sparrowhawk
Boxy, Blue and Yellow Sleek, Red and White
S: 4 D: 2 S: 2 D: 4
HP: 8 O2: 5 F: 5 HP: 5 O2: 5 F: 5
Capacity: 5 Capacity: 4
Slug Canon: 2! Chain Gun: 1!

As the settlers evacuate ‌Geddon XII, most of them will be on slow transport ships with minimal defenses.

S: 2 D: 2
Slow, White and Black
HP: 4 O2: 5 F: 5
Capacity: 50

The Legendary Starjet

Hidden in an orbit on the dark side of the moon is a lost, legendary Starjet class fighter jet called Temujin Rising. It has a neural interface 1 that connects with the pilot’s nervous system increase response timing and sensitivity.

The first time a pilot attempts to link with the Starjet, make a SP: Pilot or STR Check. It needs at least 2 Successes.

Temujin Rising
S: 3 D: 6
Fast, Orange and Purple
HP: 5 O2: 5 F: 5
Capacity: 1
Beam Canon: 3!

  1. A la Gundam’s Alaya-Vijnana System↩︎