Hazard Pay 01

September 21, 2021 ⌦ Science FictionDesignSupplement

This started off as a one-page supplement for Patrons and was on my Itch storefront for a while but I was never completely happy with it so I pulled it down to eventually do a QA pass on it.

Here it is its original form. I eventually want to turn it into a series with different themes, tools, and notes on how to use the environment more when running sci-fi games.

Environmental Hazards

Environmental hazards play an important part in any adventure or facility crawl and can come in many forms. From the extraordinary - spatial anomalies, the vacuum of space - to the mundane - vats of lethal chemicals, a cat running underfoot. HAZARD PAY is a system agnostic supplement for TTRPGs that provides resources and inspiration to use in your space and science fiction games.

Use these Hazards to:


Byproducts of corporate greed and industrialization. These hazards can appear nearly anywhere but the most common occurrences would be:


As the name implies, Hazards can be potentially lethal for Player Characters. When deploying Hazards, make sure all at the table are aware of the consequences and comfortable with them well in advance.

1D10 Industrial Hazards
Hazard Danger
1 Shards of shattered glass Dermal lacerations, punctured EVA Suit
2 Spilled barrel of a caustic compound Acidic burns
3 Exposed Wires Electrocution, Electrical short (affecting Equipment)
4 Industrial Waste: Flammable Compound Incineration, Explosion
5 Oil Slick Slipping, Incineration
6 Corrosive Compound Slipping, Incineration
7 Structural Degradation Structural collapse, Injury by Falling Debris
8 Industrial Waste: Noxious Gas Suffocation, Disease
9 Reactive Raw Materials Explosion
10 Industrial Waste: Radioactive Isotope Radiation poisoning and sickness

  1. Such as waypoints for explorers, frontier settlers.↩︎