Indie Game Publishing Resources

February 13, 2021 ☼ ResourcesPublishingRetail

This is more of a living list for me to remember resources as I find them. May be updated as I find ones that work better for my needs or are easier to work with.

Offset Printing

Offset printers do bulk runs of a product. This can increase the quality and accuracy (margins, borders, color consistency, etc.) of the printing.

Mixam (US)

Mixam (UK/EU)

Jukebox - A decent Mixam alternative1, a favorite of the Brain Trust

Short Run - Recommended by Floating Chair

Some printers will work with publishers so that they will print as many copies or editions. The quality of these is often not as nice or high as Offset Printed products.


Specialty or Custom Components

From game tokens to boards to cards. Usually the kind of stuff that’d be Kickstarter Extras.

Board Game Assets


Panda Games – Looks like this may be breaking more into more full-scale industry level production


24HourWristbands - As recommended by Sean McCoy

Custom Patches - Haven’t used them yet, just adding to the list

The Studio - Haven’t used them yet, just adding to the list


Bonfire – Short run, campaigns. Equivalent of Print on Demand.

Trading/Playing Cards

Mr. Playing Card - found by Adam Vass

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  1. In case you’re looking for an equivalent but you aren’t a fan of Mixam.↩︎