To Kill Hollow Giants

September 1, 2021 ⌦ Game DesignDungeonsAdventure

A work in progress adventure for Legend, written in Markdown.

Title generated from Chris Bissette’s Title Generator tool for the 2021 Random Adventure Jam.

The final version is available for download here.

Titans roam the land. Once guardians and protectors of the Hallowed Valley, these Hollow Giants now lay dormant, purposeless. Previously a sign of strength and hope, the woods have overtaken the stone behemoths, fading out of memory with each passing generation.

Three of the Hollow Giants have been awakened by the fallen knight, Tannen, and turned against the Hallowed Valley Kingdom.

The Hollow Giants

During the Black Epoch, the Hollow Giants were sentient creatures with a desire to protect. Now they are mere husks, controlled by Dew-Soaked Braziers inside of them.

Dew-Soaked Braziers

At the center of the torso of each Giant is an iron brazier filled with wood, saturated with the effervescent Dew that gives life to the Hallowed Valley. Currently, they are suffused with black, crackling electricity; a sign of Tannen’s corruption. If the Hollow Giants cannot be defeated, they can be made inert by extinguishing the barrier.

Glade Titan Evergreen Titan Fortress Titan
S: 18 D: 6 W: 10 S: 19 D: 5 W: 7 S: 20 D: 4 W: 6
♥x30 ♥x40 ♥x50
💧x20 (Water) 💧x15 (Ice) 💧x10 (Fire)
Boulder Fist (2⚔) Caber Javelin (3⚔) Bastion (4⚔)

Titan Dungeons

Each titan has an entrance somewhere on their torso that can be accessed through a series of stairs that wind around their limbs and torsos.

  1. Balcony Entrance
    Small and almost barely enough room to host more than one adventurer at a time. The stone guardrail is worn and broken, offering little to no safety from an impossible height.
  2. Staircase
    A winding stone staircase feeds its way down from the Balcony to the Brazier Chamber.
  3. Brazier Chamber
    A giant, cavernous room with a huge rot-iron brazier. It crackles with dark electricity. DEX Check or loose 1H and 1D when nearing it.
    1. There is a 2-in-6 chance that there is a Boarkin Acolyte tending to the brazier.

Tannen the Fallen

Tannen was once a noble knight in the Hallowed Valley. Were it not for the the end of the Dark Epoch and the end to the wars perhaps he could have remained so. In the idle void that followed, Tannen found himself unable to follow the leaders now grown fat on their peacetime spoils. In an effort to relive the glory days he became that which he would have at one time fought so valiantly against.

Tannen the Fallen Boarkin Minions x3 Boarkin Acolyte
S: 15 D: 10 W: 12 S: 12 D: 10 W: 8 S: 8 D: 10 W: 12
♥x17 ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥
💧x11 (Electricity) 💧💧💧 💧x6 (Electricity)
Claymore 4⚔, Staff, Shield, Red & Blue Elixir Shortsword 2⚔, Bow 2⚔, Bomb (4⚔), Red Elixir Staff, 2 Daggers 1⚔, Red & Blue Elixir